Glenn Williams provides spiritual direction exclusively after decades as a pastoral psychotherapist, supervisor, and educator.  Fees are negotiable and limited scholarships are available.   


Call 502-893-9831 to make an appointment.

Spiritual Direction

Your innermost being, that quiet and sure part of yourself, nudges ever so slightly yet persistently, that something fundamentally is out of sync.  You know you are experiencing less than what was intended.  At times the soul pays a visit, calls to you, that your true home lay elsewhere. 



A trusted experienced companion proves valuable for those in search of soul, God as God is, and a grounded well-being.  In the Christian tradition this companioning has been called spiritual direction, spiritual formation, or spiritual guidance.  The Spirit draws us to matters of ultimate concern in our personhood and our living.  Guidance describes this movement and leadership overtime, alhough discernment in the moments prove challenging.  Glenn enlists no ready-made maps to follow or determine the ultimate in your life.  The Creator uses no masterpiece duplicates or molds.  You have a way, God has a way, Glenn has a way of working with folk.  When the relationship works well, these three ways harmonize.  This takes time.  Most of Glenn's clients tend towards once or twice a month appointments and typically remain in direction for years.   Times away from active spiritual direction are encouraged and expected.


Glenn is an ordained minister, KY Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Bible study leader, and spent over 10 years in spiritual direction as a directee.   He has been practicing meditation-contemplation for 20 years.  During 2021-2022 he will join a core community of international contemplatives for a 12 month intensive in the practice of entering the silence and stillness.    He would be honored to walk with you on this most incredible adventure to know ourselves as we are and God as God is.  



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