Pastoral Counseling

Licensed Pastoral Counselors in Kentucky are mental health professionals that have advanced degrees, advanced clinical practice and supervision, and pass a licensure examination administered by the Kentucky Board of Pastoral Counselors.  As mental health professionals they are credentialed to diagnose and treat mental health disorders.  


Pastoral Counseling is a distinctive form of counseling in which the resource of the behavioral sciences, theological disciplines, and wisdom traditions are brought together to provide a holistic approach to psychotherapy that honors and integrates the spiritual dimension of each client’s experience.  The spiritual dimension can be the subjective perceived encounter of the Holy and/or the subjective experience of the non-conceptual, non-rational, and not perceived encounter of the Holy.   God might be known within our conceptual models and beyond our conceptual models.


Pastoral counselors serve clients of any or no religious affiliation by integrating the client's spiritual beliefs and practices within the therapeutic process.  Whether in crisis, seeking deeper integration of one’s beliefs and life, or deepening one’s seeking of the Sacred a pastoral counselor can provide the guidance, skill, relationship, and information needed to promote psychological and spiritual growth.

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